A New Way to
Access Apps.

Stream the full app experience, on any device, in any mobile environment. All accessed instantly, through the cloud.

No stores. No downloads. No waiting.


1APP is completely changing the way mobile apps are used. Through its proprietary cloud-based mobile operating system (OneOS), 1APP makes apps instantly available on mobile devices. Now anyone with an audience has the power to interactively stream existing apps directly to their customers, leapfrogging the challenges of discovering and downloading from the app store. Through 1APP, apps can be instantly accessed, embedded, or shared anywhere through a simple web link. Even more powerfully, all features of the app such as customer notifications, social identity, and payments are moved to the cloud and can be automatically migrated or swapped out to map to wherever the app is accessed.

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    Instant Access.

    1APP takes your app and puts it into the cloud, providing on demand access. No more downloads.
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    Native Experience.

    Access the full app experience with no changes to existing mobile apps.
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    Improve Discovery.

    Apps can now be embedded and shared anywhere a weblink can be inserted.
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    Use Apps in Context.

    From ordering pizza and a movie while messaging with friends to emailing an in-app song to a loved one, take action like never before.