1APP InstantClick provides growth marketers clickable web links that can be dropped into any consumer facing marketing channel.  InstantClick can be used in your existing channels to provide a full app experience to have users complete a transaction or install your app. Drop your app into OneOS and your app becomes a universal web link that can be instantly used in any of your campaigns. InstantClick enables users to engage 100% of your app without the need to visit the app store or download it.

  • Growth marketing that allows your users to try before they buy and fully experience your apps feature
  • Get new users at the cost of a click (1x) as opposed to the cost of an install (10x)
  • 1APP also opens additional channels to marketers that were previously unavailable. For example, marketing campaigns like email campaigns can now drive new users and grow the app
  • Because InstantClick is built on OneOS, it comes with 1APP Analytics built in - allowing you to track literally every action a user makes with your instant app.
  • All actions can be fully tracked to see the full value chain from click to engagement to retention.